Why Choose Weblaw

Consider these points when reviewing alternative solutions:

1. Are the providers qualified practising lawyers specialising in IT law?

Each of us is a fully qualified and practising IT lawyer with specific expertise in the field of IT contract law. Alternative providers are often not IT lawyers and may not even be lawyers. Therefore they cannot provide the back up, support and level of comfort that lawyers can provide. To see details of some recent contractual situations on which we have advised, please click here.

2. Value for Money

Is it really a good idea to pay $100 for a contract that may not be drafted by a proper IT contract law specialist, may fail to protect you against potential liability to the fullest extent possible, and in respect of which you may not be able to get explanations or support from the provider and will typically be supplied by an unqualified provider without professional indemnity insurance cover so that if the contract is defective, you will not be able to recover your losses from the provider? The point of a contract is to ensure that you have a solid unambiguous basis to conduct business and which to a commercially realistic extent protects your interests. We understand IT contract law and will provide you with the benefit of our knowledge encapsulated in a fixed price contractual solution. Also, please see point 6 below re insurance cover.

3. Can you talk to the providers’ existing clients to see if they know what they are talking about?

With us, this is no problem. As specialist IT Lawyers, We act for many software houses, website designers and other IT providers. We will be pleased to put you in touch with our clients so that you can check us out before making a decision.  We will ask them to get in touch with you as we do not give out client names or contact details.

4. Can they provide you with proper back-up including contract negotiation and attendance at meetings?

We can assist with all matters related to IT contract law and domain name disputes, including negotiation of the contracts with clients either in person, by email or phone. You can ring us up at any time and ask us questions about clauses in the contract, their importance and effect.

5. Look before you buy – how do you know whether the template you are buying is suitable and gives you proper protection?

Without charge you can review any of our IT law templates at your leisure at our offices by prior appointment. You can discuss the templates before making a decision You can ask us to customise the template if it requires adaptation.

6. If the template proves unsuitable, do you have any recourse?

If you have made a genuine mistake, you can swap the template for one of our alternative IT law templates without additional charge. We are backed by professional indemnity insurance. Non-practising lawyers are, typically, not backed by PI insurance.

For further information, please contact weblaw.