Electric Vehicles – EV – Key Legal Issues

Electric Vehicles – Key Legal Issues

This has become a massive area of growth in the technology world and we have represented various companies, notably those who specialise in rapid electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure.


The EV supply chain is complex in relation to manufacturing and infrastructure and we advise on the whole gamut of commercial contracts such as joint venture agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements and SaaS agreements with a view to mitigating the risks inherent in an industry so dependent on an intricate web comprising multiple parties. Manufacturing arrangements are likely to have cross-border elements and  and we can advise our clients on how best to mitigate the legal risks inherent in aglobal supply chain.


We also advise on B2C contracts in this field, such as subscription agreements, terms of service and privacy policies. These are required when consumers purchase electric vehicles or associated products or when they connect to the charging power station and supporting network.


Our expertise in data protection positions us well to provide advice on how to manage the data generated by a network of connected electronic vehicles, including how to build privacy considerations into the design of a network, how to manage risk between data processors and controllers and how to respond to any subject access requests that arise in relation to the associated databases.


As innovation continues in this area to improve battery life and efficiency, manufacturers will want to protect the associated designs and innovations. We have extensive experience advising on intellectual property rights and brand protection.


The world of EV innovation tends to be capital-intensive, particularly in terms of research and manufacturing. We represent companies in the legal aspects of fundraising and associated financial and structuring issues.

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