Round Tables

Our round tables are focused on issues key to start-ups and scale-ups. Major focus is on issues such as getting ready for exit and maximising the value at exit.

We are holding various virtual round tables which may be of interest. If so, please email and specify which you would like to attend including the date and she will send you joining link.

They are incisive sessions and good networking opportunities and numbers are generally limited to 15 so that everyone can properly participate.

Technology Round Tables (all from 5-6.15pm) 

Fundraising and Share Options   2023 – 8th Feb, 19th Apr, 19th July, 18th Oct

Key topics covered will be:

  • Advanced Subscription Agreements and their interaction with fundraises
  • What will be needed in terms of deck/pitch to reflect market uncertainty
  • What to expect from the process, transaction and documents
  • What mistakes to avoid while fundraising
  • The key points to consider when setting up an option scheme


Scaling and Grooming for Exit    2023 – 9th Mar, 20th Jun, 12th Sep

Our guest presenter will be Phil Hollingdale, Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of Cushon.

Key topics will include:

  • When, how and from whom to fund raise
  • Scaling for growth
  • Building the right team to attract the right investment
  • How to identify and get noticed by potential acquirers
  • Grooming for exit
  • Key legal issues associated with exit

In each of these sessions, Phil will draw on his experience of setting up, scaling and exiting multiple companies and provide some tips on how to succeed. SMB will input on some of the key legal issues.

Choosing the right Directors for Success    2023 – 1st Mar, 7th Jun, 6 Sept, 6 Dec – 1st Dec

Our panellists will be Alex Arnot (MyNonExec) who chairs about 40 companies and is the top NED in the world according to LinkedIn and David Martin (Simons Muirhead).

Key topics will include:

  • Why founders often hire the wrong directors
  • When is the right time to hire directors
  • Board Evolution to reflect growth
  • What are the common mistakes to avoid
  • The importance of top board advisors
  • Legal considerations when appointing directors

Watch Recordings of Past Round Tables

If you would like to discuss the contents of any of these round tables or wish for any other further information, please contact