Legal services

We advise on Domain Name Disputes, Drafting/Negotiation of Contracts/Terms and Conditions for IT Providers/Website Developers. We advise on Technology Procurement Contracts and legal issues for anyone setting up a Website. For details of recent contractual situations on which we have advised, click here.

Information on some of the key issues for suppliers and users are set out at “7 Key Issues” or can be accessed through the links below or for suppliers via the right hand navigation bar.

1. Are you in a dispute over a domain name?
2. Do you supply IT systems, services and software?
3. Are you setting up a website?
4. Are you a website designer?
5. Are you buying IT systems, services, software or having a website designed?

Please click here to email Simon Halberstam, Head of Technology Law, or call 020 3206 2781.