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Technology Breakfast Seminar : How Tech Companies can ride the Autonomous Vehicle and Smart City Wave

Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP look at driverless cars and smart cities; and threats and opportunities for the tech industry. Click here to register for this event on 27 June 2017. Click Here for more details.

Mistakes A Technology Company Should Avoid When Raising Capital

Tuesday 16 September 2014 We are delighted to invite you to our next Technology Breakfast Seminar being chaired by Simon Halberstam, SIMON HALBERSTAM, PARTNER AND HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY LAW AT SIMONS MUIRHEAD & BURTON Our speaker will be David White – Founder & CEO of Import.IO. Topics being covered: Raising Capital – whom to speak to and […]

Copyright Reform and Cockney Silicon Valley

The founders of Google recently said that they could never have founded the company in the UK as the copyright laws are far too restrictive.  David Cameron has taken this to heart announcing not only a planned shake-up of outdated coyright law but also the intention to turn the Olympic Village and parts of East […]

Google law

The rise of Google has been well documented. Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 whilst the pair undertook PhDs at Stanford University, what started as a research project concerned with making search engines more efficient has now grown into a hi-tech behemoth with revenues in 2009 exceeding twenty three billion dollars. Google’s […]

Agile Software – new model contract now available

Agile Software – new model contract now available.

Domain Names, Trademarks and Brand Protection

Domain names and trademarks are obviously vital elements of brand protection. I have dealt with many cases where third parties have registered domain names which my clients feel should belong to them. These break down into three main categories, each of which requires a different approach. i. Cybersquatters This is the situation where the registrant has […]

Gathering Clouds – Transferring Personal Data outside the EEA

Whereas data protection is largely standardised in the EEA, data transfers to other jurisdictions may raise complex legal issues.

Family in battle over web address

An Edinburgh father who bought a website domain name for his son is facing a battle with the estate of Chronicles of Narnia author CS Lewis. Richard Saville-Smith paid £70 for the name so his son Comrie, 10, who is a CS Lewis fan, could use it for his e-mail address. To view full […]

Useless Disclaimers

Since Steve Jobs did not descend from the heavens to give the keynote at the Macworld conference last week, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas failed to reveal anything interesting (with the exception of a neat application called Songsmith from Microsoft), we can turn our attention to things that really matter. Like email. […]

Software Terms and Conditions

Do you click on the button marked Next when the licence agreement for your new software pops up? Do you read the text in the agreement before clicking? Be honest. We often just click to agree to the terms without reading first, too. But did you know that clicking through this is a legally binding […]