Social Networking Sites – "Legals"

Fixed Price Contractual Package for Social Networking Sites

We provide legal services to companies involved in setting up and running social and other networking sites.

Running these sites can be fun and lucrative but there are numerous legal issues that need to be addressed.

We have created a package of template documentation to cover many of the standard requirements for such sites.

The elements of the package as listed below can be purchased separately or as a single unit.

  • Website Development Contract – a form of agreement for you to enter into with your developer transferring copyright and other intellectual property in the site content to you and overturning the dangerous default position at law under which the developer is the owner;
  • Membership Terms and Conditions including acceptable use policy, limitation of your liability, member responsibilities and many other issues;
  • Privacy Policy – this covers how you process with personal data that you collect via the site and tracking devices such as cookies – this ties into the notification of your business that you will need to make to the Information Commissioner to comply with Data Protection Legislation – see
  • Website Disclaimer – amongst other things, this limits your liability to visitors to your site and asserts your rights in trademarks, content and copyright generally;
  • Forum Rules – these govern the terms of access and use to any forums hosted on your site;
  • Advertising Agreement – this covers your relationship with advertisers on your site incuding issues of liability for content, limitation of your responsibility for internet downtime, type, location and size of advert, revenue and duration of the agreement.

We also provide customisation and back-up services for fine-tuning and negotiation of contracts.

Price on application.

Look before you buy

Although we are well known and respected, we are not asking you to “buy blind” and you are welcome, without charge, to make an appointment to visit our offices, view the templates and discuss your requirements

For further details regarding the package, its cost or any other matter – contact us.

Further information

For further information, please call Simon Halberstam on 020 3206 2781 or via email to or see our templated IT Contract services.