Marketing Websites – "Legals"

Fixed Price Contractual Package for Brand Promotion companies

We provide legal services to companies involved in the marketing, live brand experience and PR sectors.

We have created a package of template documentation to cover many of the standard requirements for such companies.

The elements of the package as listed below can be purchased separately or as a single unit.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-Compete Provisions (to be dropped into any contract where relevant)
  • Prime Contractor Agreement – agreement whereby you delegate some of the duties you have to your client to a third party and want to ensure that the third party is obliged to fulfil the obligations that you have taken on
  • Procurement Agreement – where you procure goods or services from a third party
  • Sub-Contractor Agreement – where you hire a sub-contractor either directly or through a company through which the sub-contractor operates
  • Agreement for provision of Goods and Services to your clients
  • Website Specification Agreement
  • Website Design Agreement
  • Website Support Agreement
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use – for you to provide to your customers to put up on their site
  • Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods and/or Services via a Website – for you to provide to your customers to put up on their site

We also provide customisation and back-up services for fine-tuning and negotiation of contracts.

Price on application.

Look before you buy

Although we are well known and respected, we are not asking you to “buy blind” and you are welcome, without charge, to make an appointment to visit our offices, view the templates and discuss your requirements

You can view and discuss any of the documents at our offices by appointment and without charge.

For further details regarding the package, its cost or any other matter – contact us.

Further information

Please call Simon Halberstam on 020 3206 2781 or via email to or see our templated IT Contract services.