Website Legal Package

All in one fixed price website documentation package

We have put together the following template IT documentation package which addresses the general legal requirements of almost anyone involved in setting up or running a website. Further documentation for particular requirements, such as ASP agreements and portal/shopping mall agreements are available separately.

For a one-off charge, we will provide general advice on how best to incorporate the various elements into your website.

  • Website Design Agreement – this template deals with your relationship with your webdesigner. Without this agreement in place, the web designer is likely to own all of the relevant copyright (which can prove very dangerous), not to give you appropriate warranties and absolve itself of liabilities.
  • Privacy Policy for Customer Data Collection – this template deals with the requirements of the UK Data Protection legislation. In particular, it covers the following issues: who may process data, the purpose of processing, the disclosure of information, cookies, security measures, access to information, consent and enquiries.
  • Liability Disclaimer – this covers the assertion of intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademarks and disclaims liability for matters such as loss of profits, virus infection etc. It also addresses intended user restrictions based on considerations of age and/or nationality.
  • Website Advertising – this template provides the terms on which a website/portal owner is prepared to allow companies and/or individuals to advertise on that site. It covers many issues, including legal responsibility for content, ownership of copyright in the content and limitation of the site owner’s liability.
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale/Supply – this template addresses web-based sales of goods or services, covering issues such as payment, risk and title, returns and liability and takes account of the UK Distance Selling Regulations.
  • Linking Agreement – this is a far more complicated matter than most people realise, covering a wide variety of technical and legal issues. This template covers unilateral linking to another site or reciprocal linking and includes optional extra provisions re royalties on sales through traffic resulting from link.
  • Forum Participation Terms and Conditions – this sets out the basis on which visitors to your website may contribute to any forum which you host and establishes your rights in relation to the removal of that content, banning of contributors and a wide range of other issues.
  • Form of Authority to Download Material from a Website – this document provides for formal consent from the owner of website content for a third party to download, thus absolving the downloader from potential intellectual property right infringement claims whilst limiting the scope of the authorisation.
  • Content Provision Agreement – this model agreement provides for a third party to be commissioned to provide content for a website by the website owner. Amongst many other issues, It includes terms regulating ownership of and liability for content.

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