Platform as a service

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This detailed PAAS template agreement covers the provision of hosted applications by way of Cloud Computing a.k.a. Platform as a Service to customers and includes some indicative categories relating to service levels.

Cloud Computing / Platform as a Service Contract – Headings

  1. Definitions and Constructions
  2. Provisions of Services and Licences
  3. Definitions and Constructions
  4. Provisions of Services and Licences
  5. Duration
  6. Charges
  7. Transferring Staff
  8. Changes to the Services
  9. Service Levels
  10. Outages, Service Interruptions and Changes to Services
  11. Warranties and Indemnities
  12. Customer Obligations and Warranties
  13. Equipment
  14. Limitations of Liability
  15. Supervision of the Services
  16. Intellectual Property Rights
  17. Termination
  18. Effect of Termination
  19. Confidentiality
  20. Force Majeure
  21. Waiver
  22. Notices
  23. Publicity
  24. Invalidity and Severability
  25. Entire Agreement
  26. Successors
  27. Assignment
  28. Sub-Contracting
  29. Disputes
  30. VAT
  31. Non-Solicitation
  32. Indemnity – Conduct of Claims
  33. Insurance
  34. Law

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