SaaS Reseller Agreement

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If you are looking to expand SAAS sales by appointing a reseller, this detailed template agreement covers the fundamental legal issues. The contents and a short extract are set out below.

1.      Definitions

1.2.   Appointment

2.1.   Subject to Clause 2.2 below, SAAS Provider appoints Reseller on a non-exclusive basis to act as its distributor for the Service in the Territory and Reseller accepts such appointment.

2.2.   SAAS Provider hereby grants to Reseller a non-exclusive licence in object code, subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions hereinafter contained:

2.2.1.  to use the Website after the date hereof in order to demonstrate the Service to potential End-Users;

2.2.2.  to license the Service to potential End-users using the End-User Agreement subject to any minor variations which have no effect on SAAS Provider’s legal position in a language fully understood by the potential End-User.

2.3.    Reseller undertakes to use a form of SAAS Agreement not materially different from the form of agreemeent set out in Schedule 3 which regulates the basis on which End-Users can access the Service.  Reseller acknowledges that the indemnity set out at Clause 4.1.7 will, apply to the consequences of any failure to comply with this undertaking.

2.4.    Reseller undertakes not to use any form of agreement other than the End-User Agreement in relation to the provision of the Service to End-Users.

3.        Duration

4.        Reseller’s Obligations

5.        Price and Payment

6.        Delivery and risk

7.        Limitation of Liability

8.        Intellectual Property Rights

9.        Warranties

10.     Termination

11.      Inspection

12.      Relationship

13.     General

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