Referral Agreement

We offer 2 fixed price options – a template agreement with or without customization by us. You can also preview this agreement by contacting us.

We have created this template agreement to reflect the growing trend to appoint third parties as an additional marketing resource. The third party may be based in your own or a different territory. In either case, through a basic introduction or a full sales cycle conducted on your behalf, the third party may enable you to source additional clients for your products or services. In return, the third party will typically receive a sort of commission based on the sales that its efforts enable you to generate. The level of commission may depend on the level of effort expended by the third party in securing such sales. There are many variants of this type of arrangement and in some cases they may be more accurately described as agency or distribution agreements depending on the precise legal requirements and structure.  We can provide template agreements to cover any such scenario. In essence, most referral agreements provide a way to increase sales growth without adding to cost base.

View an example of a Referral Agreement (PDF Format)

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