Game Development Contract

We offer 2 fixed price options – a template agreement with or without customization by us. You can also preview this agreement by contacting us.

We act for game developers whether web-based, iphone apps or for another environment or platform such as android. We understand the legal, intellectual property, financial and commercial issues and have reflected these in our standard contract. This contract deals with issues such as acceptance testing, retention of pre-existing IPR, confidentiality, data protection, ownership of customer data and limitation of liability. They are dealt with pragmatically and whilst the interests of the developer are protected the balance is not excessively one-sided. We can also provide a version of this development contract which is tilted towards the user who is commissioning the development.

You can view and discuss any of our template IT contracts at our offices by appointment and without charge.

For further information on the Game Development agreement please call Simon Halberstam on 020 3206 2781 or via email to