Ethical Hacking Agreements

We offer 2 fixed price options – a template agreement with or without customization by us. You can also preview this agreement by contacting us.

Ethical hacking is obviously a very controversial area with prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act only a stone’s throw away if you overstep the mark and hack into a system or any mobile device without categorical authorisation from the relevant person(s).

It is not just a question of getting the owner of the sytem to consent, you also need to consider the position of clients of the owner whose personal data you may access via the system. This could bring the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act and other legislation into play.

The first step is to ensure that your contract with the system owner not only gives you the authorisation to hack but also contractual protection against potential liability for matters such as failing to reveal every flaw in the system. Additionally, an indemnity to cover issues such as personal data that you access and third party intellectual property that you may download will also be necessary.

Whilst one cannot provide guarantees in this controversial area, SGH has created a contractual template that will cover the main issues and includes a wide range of provisions to cover the issues set out above and many others.

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