Agile Software Development Contract

We offer 2 fixed price options – a template agile agreement with or without customization by us. You can also preview this agile contract by contacting us.

Lawyers like to see a fixed price for a fixed specification so whilst comfortable with waterfall projects have struggled to get to grips with the principles of Scrum and Agile.

We have worked with a leading Agile agency and certified Scrum Master to understand the concepts and issues that lie behind the Agile development framework and methodology.

Through this we have managed to build a model agile contract that reflects the Agile manifesto principles and issues that underpin Lean and DSDM methodologies.

Our thorough understanding of the Agile approach means that our model Agile agreement enshrines the concepts of Sprints, User Stories, Product Backlogs, Stand-ups and Scrum.

If you are interested in discussing the legal issues behind Scrum and Agile, viewing or purchasing our template Agile agreement, please contact Simon Halberstam at or on 020 3206 2781.