EdTech & MedTech

Education Technology, also known as EdTech, is the use of technology to improve education. It is not just about reformatting books but includes technology processes in the forms of apps and tools to enhance learning in the classroom and professional contexts, both online and offline.

EdTech aims to deliver a new form of learning architecture, creating efficiencies, cutting costs and transforming the accessibility and delivery of education.

Medical Technology, also known as MedTech, covers any technology that can be used to enhance mental or physical health or the processing and administration of health screening and records.

It encompasses prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and care.

According to MedTech Europe, there are more than 500,000 medical technologiesare available in hospitals, community-care settings and at home.

We routinely assist our clients with the contractual and intellectual property issues relating to the provision of medtech products and services. Recent work has included work for augmented reality clients whose technology enables the delivery of expert medical input from an expert based in one continent to less-experienced practitioners in another.

If you have an EdTech or MedTech product or service, or if you provide software or other technology and/or related services to the educational or medical sector, and need any legal advice please contact us using the contact form below.

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