Data Protection Law Services Guide


We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary Data Protection Unit offering training for both executive boards, staff involved in sensitive data-handling activity and those dealing with subject access requests. Sessions include training on GDPR, PECR2 and advice on conducting internal audit and compliance. Sessions can be arranged at client sites or hosted at our central London offices.


Our team can help you to assess, audit and understand your exposure to GDPR and PECR2 and help you to understand your risk profile. We help you to map data usage in your organisation, identify risks that require remediation, and put an effective action plan in place to fix those issues because team members come from a multi-disciplinary background, we can work with you in a way that takes due account of the nature of your business and its commercial needs, as well as any related legal issues.

Where you engage third party data processors we can audit those agreements to ensure that they are compliant and help you to renegotiate deals which need to be brought up to the new mandatory standards.


Where your organisation has exposure, we can assist you in putting into place new marketing protocols effective staff policies and standard legal agreements for third party processors that let you collect, process and store personal data, re – assured that you are taking the appropriate steps to minimise the risk of financial sanctions and reputational damage.

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